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Stamps - Video Games 
15th-Apr-2011 08:34 pm
Durarara!!: Shinra Personalized

Total Stamps: 99

Subject: General Video Games

Minako (Persona 3 Main Characters)

Droite from Tales of Vesperia (Villain)Atsuro (Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor)Junpei (999: Nine Hous, Nine Persons, Nine Doors)Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog series)Futomimi (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne)Shiki (The World Ends with You)Toby (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)Tali (Mass Effect)Minako (Persona 3 Main Characters)Yosuke (Persona 4)Maya (Persona 3 Social Links)Toby (Catherine)Flannery (Pokemon Gym Leader)Tidus (Final Fantasy X/X-2)Reimi (Star Ocean: The Last Hope)Saria (The Legend of Zelda)Azusa (Starry Sky)Aeris (Final Fantasy VII)Ventus (Kingdom Hearts)Yoh (Shaman King: Funbari Spirits)Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)Alistair (Dragon Age)Wheatley (Portal 2)Lucy (Assassin's Creed)Shinra (Durarara!! 3Way Standoff)Heisuke (Hakuouki)Steve Fox (Tekken)

Subject: Final Fantasy

Zidane (Regular Male) Relm (Regular Female Restamp)

Eiko (Regular Female)Ultros (Villain)Bittersweet Romance (FFIX Theme Song)A Dream that Will End Sometime (FFX Theme Song)Laguna (Matchmaker)Zell (Matchmaker Restamp)Hyperactive Theif (Stereotype)Red Mage (FFI Class)Summoner (Job Class)Flue (Weapon)Zack and Zell (Main Party)Onion Knight (Dissidia Theme)Final Fantasy V (World)Moogle (Race)Tantalus (Group)Tidus (BFF Male)Selphie (BFF Female)Balamb Garden (Hometown)Firion (Final Fantasy II)Serah (Style)Luneth (Final Fantasy III)Yuffie (Limit Break)

Subject: Final Fantasy VII

Red XIII (Regular Male)Yuffie (Regular Female)

Cetra (Group)Yazoo (Matchmaker)Cait Sith (Opposite Gender)Yuffie (Best Friend)Mideel (Home)Support (Materia)Rufus (Villain)

Subject: Final Fantasy Dissidia

Zidane (Regular)

Daggers (Weapons)Krile (Cameo)Tidus (Matchmaker)Asura (Summon)

Subject: Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis

Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)

Cinque (Final Fantasy Type-O)Serah (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Subject: Kingdom Hearts

Sora (Regular Restamp [Tie]) Ventus (Regular Restamp [Tie])>

Hayner (Regular Male)Kairi (Regular Female)Selphie (Final Fantasy Character)Smee (Villain)Best Friend (Stereotype)Cinderella (Princess of Heart)Gullwings (Group)Part of Your World (Theme Song)Goofy (Mission Mode Partner)Kingdom Hearts (Game)Zack (Matchmaker)Mulan (Main Character)Snow White (Birth by Sleep)

Subject: Persona

Maya (Main Character)

Subject: Square Enix

Ehrgeiz (Soundtracks)

Subject: General JRPG

Healer/Pure Mage (Weapon of Choice)

Gardenia (Pokemon Gym Leader)All Together Now (Battle System)Kingdom Hearts (Worlds)

Subject: General JRPG

The Valliant (Hero Stereotype)

Subject: Pokemon

Lass (Trainer Class)

Subject: Pokemon

Water (Type)

Eevee (Eeveelutions)Janine (Kanto Gym Leaders)Poliwag (Kanto Water Pokemon)

ssb_ratings, trusty_ratings, emblem_ratings
Subject: Various

Peach (Super Smash Bros Brawl Regular)Polka (Eternal Sonata Regular)Nino (Fire Emblem)
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