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Stamps - Movies / Television / Literature 
15th-Apr-2011 08:28 pm
Durarara!!: Shinra Personalized

Total Stamps: 81

Subject: General Literary Females

Emma Woodhouse (Regular)

Mark Twain (Author)Samantha (American Girl)Viola (Shakespeare Characters)Youngest Dancing Princess (Fairy Tale Characters)Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter Girl)Atticus Finch (Classic Male Characters)Charles Bingley (Matchmaker)Emma Woodhouse (Jane Austen Character)Carmen (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)Wendy (Children's Literature)

Subject: Harry Potter Sorting

Hufflepuff (House)
Sorting Application

Subject: Harry Potter

Tonks (Regular)

Hufflepuff (House)

Subject: Harry Potter

Ron (Regular Male)Tonks (Regular Female)

Lupin (Matchmaker)Hufflepuff (House)Gryffinpuff (Hybrid House)

Subject: Nicholas Sparks Movies/Books

Landon (Regular Male)Ronnie (Regular Female)

Will (Matchmaker)Ronnie (The Last Song)

Subject: The Hunger Games

Peeta (Regular Male)Primrose (Regular Female)

Subject: General Television

Maxxie (Skins Generation 01 Male)

Maxxie (Skins Generation 01 Male)Michelle (Skins Generation 01 Female)Thomas (Skins Generation 02 Male)Emily (Skins Generation 02 Female)Hurley (Lost Male)Claire (Lost Female)Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)Seth (The O.C Male)Summer (The O.C Female)Finn (Glee Male)Quinn (Glee Female)Dan (Gossip Girl Male)Vanessa (Gossip Girl Female)Phoebe (Friends)Sam (Supernatural Male)Jo (Supernatural Female)Jim (The Office Male)Pam (The Office Female)Jason (True Blood Male)Jessica (True Blood Female)Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)Mouth (One Tree Hill Male)Haley (One Tree Hill Female)

Subject: Skins

Jal (Generation 01 Female)

Sid (Generation 01 Male)Jal (Generation 01 Female)Freddie (Generation 02 Male)Emily (Generation 02 Female)Franky (Generation 03 Female)Thomas (Matchmaker)Chris (Gen 01 BFF Male)Michelle (Gen 01 BFF Female)Cook (Gen 02 BFF Male)Pandora (Gen 02 BFF Female)The Nice Guy (Male Stereotype)The Doormat (Female Stereotype)

Subject: General Movies

Tonks (Harry Potter Female)

Neville (Harry Potter Male)Tonks (Harry Potter Female)Sam (Lord of the Rings Male)Arwen (Lord of the Rings Female)Alexander Knox (Batman Male)Batgirl (Batman Female)Max (Pokemon Male)Molly (Pokemon Female)

Subject: General Disney

The Aristocats (Disney Movie)

Arthur (Sword in the Stone)Laverne (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)Big Mama (The Fox and the Hound)Taran (The Black Cauldron)Lady Kluck (Robin Hood)Flik (A Bug's Life)Sulley (Monsters Inc.)Wall-E (Wall-E)Wendy (Peter Pan)Sarah (Treasure Planet)

Subject: Peter Pan Movies

Wendy (Regular)

J.M Barrie (Finding Neverland)
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